Information and Accommodation Guide to the Sidemen Valley



Why Sidemen ...

Without doubt, the innocence of Sidemen is reflected throughout the valley as it still remains unblemished and untouched by mainstream tourism.  Wander around the Sidemen Valley and scratch the surface and you will feel like a traveler, an explorer and privileged to have discovered such a treasure.  Local villagers are friendly and

welcoming and are just as curious about you as you are about them!   Don’t be surprised if you get invited into their homes for a cup of coffee!










Cultural and religious traditions remain strong in the Sidemen Valley and influence daily life for everyone including the visitor, thus offering a fascinating insight into Balinese village life.










Traditional farming methods in the Sidemen Valley are still practiced, no machinery here!   Men working the rice terraces, now with their backs bent over whilst standing tall, a result of years of toil in the fields.










Trek along the rice terraces as farmers tend their crops, follow the ducks heading home from a day in the fields having pecked away at the insects – a natural insecticide!   Soak up the atmosphere in the local morning market as the villagers sell their produce fresh from the fields.










Watch the women as they weave their fabrics on ancient looms.  Witness artisans who’s skills have been passed down through generations in workshops all around the Sidemen Valley.  Its a honeypot of talent and craftmanship.










Contented children play with nothing more than a homemade kite and with such innocence, something that is often lost in the west.‘Modern’ has made it here but you will still see locals dismiss their bathroom and head to the river to bathe as the sun drops over the hill carrying an old paint pot or bucket in hand to house their toiletries.










This is it, the original and true spirit of Bali.  Of course it will change, it would be naive to think it wouldn’t.  We can only hope that the ‘powers that be’ will care enough to ensure that the progress of the Sidemen Valley is done in harmony with the environment.  They must also ensure that it retains its cultural identity which makes it such a unique and special corner of Bali.